Accommodation is a key concern for parents and carers of children undergoing treatment.

Ward 32 (Cardiac Ward) of the Bristol Royal Children's Hospital has 16 beds on the ward for children.  Each bed has a drop down bed for a parent or carer to stay in at night.  The ward staff work in close contact with Ronald McDonald House which is on Royal Fort Road, just along from St Michaels Hospital.  Ronald McDonald House is a charity run house that comprises of 16 en-suite bedrooms, 3 kitchens, a dining room and garden.  This a wonderful facility that enables families to stay close to the hospital when there child is receiving care.

Once your child has been admitted to the Bristol Royal Children's Hospital the ward staff will complete a referal form and send this over to Ronald McDonald House.  Rooms there are allocated on a priority basis of how long your child stay in hospital is expected to be, as well as how far you have travelled to the hospital.  If your child is in PICU (Peadiatric Intensive care Unit) and there is a need for the parents or carers to be close by, the Hospital have 2 emergency rooms to help eliviate the stress until a room becomes available at Ronald McDonald House.

It is not always possible to get a room at Ronald McDonald house which is why we have compiled a list of local Hotels and B&Bs for you.




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The White House Guest rooms

28 Dean Lane Bristol BS3 1DB

Telephone 0117 9537725

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Premier Inn Haymarket

The Haymarket, Bristol, BS1 3LR

Telephone 0870 238 3307

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Tyndall's Park

4 Tyndall's Park Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PG

Telephone 0117 9237965

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