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There is a canteen in the hospital that is open from 9am until 3pm.  There are a number of vending machines throughout the hospital.

There is a wrvs shop in the reception of the hospital and there is a coffee shop in the Bristol Royal infirmary.

Tesco Metro Supermarket is a short walk down Lower Maudlin Street and into Broadmead. There is also a Somerfield supermarket along from St Michaels Hospital.

There is a fish and chip shop at the top of Southwell Street towards St Michaels Hospital.

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Parking for the Bristol Children's hospital often adds additional problems to an already stressful situation.  We have compiled a list of local car parks near to the hospital to help out. 

There are a number of disabled parking bays at the front entrace to Bristol Royal Children's hospital.  there is also limited parking available opposite St Michaels Hospital on Southwell Street.  If you child has been admitted to the ward or to PICU then a member of staff will complete a form which you hand it at the main reception in exchange for 1 weeks parking permit.  You are then required to place a pay and display ticket on the permit and replace this the following week.  The permit only applies to certain car parks so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Trenchard Street  - This is probably the closest car park on foot from the hospital. 

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Rupert Street NCP

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 The Mall, Broadmead - this is ideal if you know you are having a quick appointment and want a wander round the shops

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If you can offer any information yourselves on local parking please contact us here.

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