Cardiac Liaison Sisters

We, Debbie and Cathy work from Monday to Friday and are based on Ward 32 at The Children’s Hospital in Bristol. We cover the Southwest region and also help care for the children and families from South Wales, when they attend appointments and admission.

We can be contacted on our number in the hospital on which we have a voicemail or if more urgently through the hospital switchboard by a pager system. Although most of our work is hospital based we do get out into the community to do visits.

On first meeting the children and families we introduce ourselves and generally explain our role as providing information, support and advice, not just whilst they’re in hospital but when they are at home.

Through this role we are able to liaise with other Healthcare professionals to ensure that the journey through the cardiac service is seamless.

This is a very diverse role, where we like to meet with families as soon as they are diagnosed, perhaps antenatal or at a clinic. This gives the families a common link and face throughout their journey of perhaps intervention or surgery.

We are very active in promoting our service and run a successful pre-assessment clinic. We also support and manage many children doing home monitoring for their anti-coagulation.

We are now looking forward to some more development in our service as work is in progress to work with the teenagers in helping them in their transition to the adult services.

We are very happy to be called with any query any child or family may have so please don’t hesitate in contacting us.  Please also call if you need some support.


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