London Marathon 2009 runners

A huge thank you to all our runners in the 2009 London Marathon.  To date our total has soared past £22,000.00 and hopefully will exceed £23,000.00 by the time all the sponsorship is in. 


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Joanne Grainger   - Gloucester

“I have done lots of charity fundraising in my 8 years of running but for the BIG ONE, I wanted to pick a  local children’s charity and so was thrilled when I was offered a place for the South West Children’s Heart Circle.  I have two friends who have children with heart defects and it just makes me so grateful that my three children are healthy. The South West Children’s Heart Circle does a fantastic job and I am aiming to raise at least £1500 for them by organising a Frock Swap evening, a quiz and with my good friend Rebecca, a wedding fayre.”

Rachael Lindsay – Bristol

“I’m in my last two months of training for the London Marathon 2009 thinking why did I sign up for this!  Actually I know exactly why I signed up.  When I went through a traumatic personal time I needed something that was mine and kept me sane but I also needed a challenge so I completed the Bristol Half Marathon.  I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and kept up the running as it is my stress relief in my busy life.  Following my success I made myself a goal of completing the London Marathon before I was 40 (3 years to go!).  Last year I found myself crippled by Sciatica for six months (Marathon Day last year I could hardly walk from one room to another), I was very lucky to make a full recovery without any medical intervention.  So when I heard in October 2008 that South West Children’s Heart Circle had fundraising places for the 2009 London Marathon I thought I’m fit healthy and ready to go for it so I signed up and got started on the training.  I live just outside Bristol and had both my children in St Michael’s Hospital, I am very fortunate to have two healthy children.  For those less fortunate South West Children’s Heart Circle help on so many levels with a support network, resources for time out for families in their time of need and by supporting Bristol Children’s Hospital with funds to update their equipment.  I am really pleased that in being able to complete my own personal challenge I can also help a local charity who do so much for families in their time of need.”

Simon Gait,  Adrian Warman,  Ashley Frost  &  Paul Brown – Bristol 

These four runners work for an organisation called Sustain Ltd, who are based in Wrington, just outside of Bristol.  We are Sustain Ltd’s chosen charity for this year, so their “marathon team” and all their employees are working hard for us.

Ashley Wilcox – Bristol 

“The marathon is on my list of things to do before I am 30 and being 29 now was the time to do it!!  I am not only running for myself but also for the South West Children’s Heart Circle. This charity is particularly important to my family as they helped us through the death of my brother and the controversy of the Bristol heart scandal.”

Stephen French    - Bristol    

“I really enjoyed 2008 marathon and wanted to run it again.  This year I wanted to raise money for a local cause - raised money for BHF last year - and heart disease is in family.”

Julie Dunn 

“A work colleague of mine has a grandson who at 6 weeks old was very poorly & suffered a heart attack due to quite a rare genetic disorder. This happened towards the end of last year & he was cared for at the Bristol Children's Hospital Cardiac Unit. She could not praise the staff enough, they were absolutely amazing & saved his life. Also, the support the whole family received was second to none. I wanted to give something back to say thankyou for all that they did.”

Dave Mouncey

Dave had to withdraw from the 2008 London Marathon due to injury, so was eager to compete this year and fundraise for a local charity.

Oli Laken

Oli is a Year 3 primary school teacher working in Bristol. He is involved in lots of sports and coaches rugby and swimming. He was pleased to be offered a place to run for us


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