Lily's Story

Lily was diagnosed ante natelly and has been fed via a tube since she was 6 weeks old. She is now an active lively 3 year old who looks just like everyone else. Her feeding tube now goes straight into her stomach so it is unseen. Sadly for Lily her care is only palliative and she will require further surgery and possibly a heart transplant in the future.

I got involved in the South west Children’s Heart Circle to help give a little bit back from what we had received. Lily has had 6 operative proceedures under the medical care of Bristol Childrens Hospital. Some of the equipment that was used during this was funded by the Heart Circle and not the NHS. Im truely greatful for the donations to the charity to help Bristol be at the fore front of peadiatric cardiac care. There are many children out there who now have a chance at enjoying life.

As a charity not only do we help with the medical side of things but we also support the familys and have days out and Christmas party’s. Little things that all the children can do together and also meet others who have a big zipper too.


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